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Social media

Our integrated social media service is a lot more comprehensive than just creating exciting, interesting posts or visually stunning content. Once we begin our collaboration, we will analyze your existing channels and platforms and make suggestions on how to optimize them, map your competitors’ social media activities. Once we have a clear understanding, we develop a tailor-made strategy for your company.
What we do, as you can see, goes beyond daily content creation, and covers competitive analysis and ongoing monitoring. Furthermore, we will manage your social media campaigns that fit your business and brand building goals, plus they bring the expected results.

Creating Strategy

When it comes to the leading social media platforms, we utilize our up-to-date knowledge, analytical thinking and result oriented approach to build your personalized strategy that helps you achieve your business goals. We guarantee you will reach your target audience on Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok, all this in a cost-effective way.

Channel Management

Platform-specific, targeted, single or recurring campaigns, promotions created by our experts are supported by SEO, analytics and data visualisation. Therefore our text-based, image focused and video content pieces contribute to building your brand, making your online social media presence consistent, efficient and relevant.

Influencer Marketing, MCN

The Post For Rent Digital Agency, a company part of our group is an agency with digital focus that runs an influencer marketplace platform spanning over 16 countries to bring you influencers who will be the perfect match for you. Our agile, senior experts will guarantee performance-driven, innovative solutions on a strategic, communication and content level as well.

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