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Google Ads

Our Google Ads certified experts are in possession of up-to-date knowledge of Google’s own advertisement system, know every single tool and option that can make your ad campaign perform best. The optimization process is supported by the most modern softwares, therefore your campaigns are guaranteed to be effective.


Facebook and Instagram adverts offer several solutions, including social media pages, Audience Network and Messenger. Considering all the lay-out and targeting opportunities, our experts will bring out the best of this system of great potential, thus will create and manage highly effective campaigns for you.


Using the social platform of the community of professionals, one can target the greatest business network in the world. Combining the increasingly more sophisticated segmenting and targeting tools, our experts, by using various advert types, reach the mid- and high-level professional relevant to your products and services.


With almost every type of advertising system, our colleagues pay special attention to remarketing, since this is the way to reach browsing or app-using users who have previously visited the advertised website, meaning that there is a great chance they are interested in your products or services.


Our experts know and use several Programmatic systems. Automated auctions for ad displays enable them to make targeting and optimization decisions based on data coming from different platforms, and fit this into your advertising strategy.

Landing page

Since campaigns often generate better conversion on simple landing pages that are adjusted to the advert, and also serve as a perfect match to the search, they are pivotal in increasing advert efficiency. Our experts create these temporary pages in the so-called Unbounce system, and have them integrated into the digital marketing tool set.

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